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Understanding Treatment Options for Presbyopia

Author:Dr. Sonny GoelDate:2017-04-21
Presbyopia is an incredibly common eye disorders, and there are multiple treatment options. Learn more on the best treatment options for presbyopia at Sonny Goel, MD.

Dr. Sonny Goel Named “Top Doctor” of 2016 in Baltimore Magazine

Author:Press ReleaseDate:2017-02-28
Ophthalmologist, Dr. Sonny Goel was named 2016 "Top Doctor" by Baltimore Magazine. As a pioneer in LASIK, he's performed over 80,000 LASIK laser eye surgeries. Learn more here.

The Benefits of Intraocular Lenses (IOLS)

Author:Dr. Sonny GoelDate:2017-02-20
Intraocular lenses are a premium way to treat cataracts and myopia. Learn about the benefits of treating eye disorders with intraocular lenses here.

Reducing the Risk of Infection

One of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of infection after LASIK is by choosing an experienced surgeon & taking care of yourself after surgery. Learn more here.

Post-operative LASIK Pain

LASIK is a safe & effective treatment, but it can have some postoperative side effects. Learn why you might experience discomfort, & how to treat it.

What to Expect from Pre-operative

Before beginning your LASIK surgery, Dr. Sonny Goel will assess any potential problems for your individual eye health. Learn more here.

What Patients Should Know About

Before choosing LASIK eye surgery, you should be prepared for the costs of LASIK, as well as optimal health for candidates. Learn more here.

Traditional vs. Custom LASIK: Which One is Right for You?

Custom LASIK surgery has many advantages over traditional LASIK. Learn about the benefits of LASIK with Dr. Sonny Goel.

LASIK Success Rates

LASIK is a highly successful & popular laser eye surgery. Learn about Dr. Goel’s success rates & proper candidates for LASIK.

Who Is a Good Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

Most patients with farsightedness & myopia are candidates for LASIK. Learn if you fit the requirements to be a candidate for LASIK eye surgery here.

Pre-op Instructions for LASIK Surgery Patients

Before undergoing LASIK surgery, you will need to follow some pre-op instructions. Learn those instructions here, or call our office at 410-828-2020.

The Potential Risks and Complications of LASIK Surgery

Like any surgery, LASIK has potential risks. Be prepared for your LASIK surgery by preventing any potential risks and complications.

LASIK Recovery Tips

It is important to take care of yourself after LASIK surgery. Follow these tips for a healthy & quick recovery. Call Dr. Sonny Goel today & learn more 410-828-2020.

LASIK Side Effects

LASIK has few side effects - read about those here & ways to avoid negative side effects after your LASIK surgery with Dr. Goel in our Baltimore, MD area.

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